50 FREE things to do in Warrnambool right now

We love our home town of Warrnambool and want to share with those near and far just how awesome this place is. So to kick off 2018 we thought we’d share 50 FREE things you can do with your family right here right now in Warrnambool. To locals these things seem pretty obvious; we take this lifestyle for granted every day. But, some of our Summer visitors mightn't even know they exist...Is there anything we’ve missed?

1. Run along the beach
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Surf a bunch of beaches
4. Body board the waves
5. Go fishing off the Breakwater
6. Meditate by the sunset over the southern ocean
7. Play beach cricket with family or friends
8. Visit the Whale nursery at Logans Beach (Whales will be back in Winter)
9. Go Boogie Boarding
10. Bike race on the public BMX track
11. Watch Race Horses train in the ocean at sunrise
12. Collect shells at Shelly Beach
13. Visit the cultural centre at Tower Hill
14. Build sand castles on the beach
15. Bridge hop at Lake Pertobe
16. BBQ anywhere the 2km of playground at Lake Pertobe
17. Picnic on the beach
18. Walk, run, ride, blade, skate along the 12km return promenade
19. Walk, run, ride along the 42km rail trail from Warrnambool to Port Fairy
20. Skate, blade, BMX at the beachside Skate park
21. Go fishing off the Hopkins River Bridge
22. Night Eeling
23. Go wave or river Kayaking
24. Go Canoeing
25. Feed the Emus while picnicking at Tower Hill
26. Go Koala spotting at Tower Hill
27. Meet Kangaroos at Tower Hill
28. Trail Riding/Running at Thunder Point
29. Walk the rim of an extinct volcano
30. Bird-watching at Tower Hill
31. Feed left over fish n’ chips to seagulls on the beach
32. Visit the Warrnambool Art Gallery
33. Walk along the cliffs of the Shipwreck Coast
34. Feed the ducks while picnicking at the Botanical Gardens
35. Take the 26km Beach walk from Warrnambool to Port Fairy
36. Work-out at the kiosk outdoor gym in Pertobe Rd
37. Play cricket on the public pitches at Lake Pertobe
38. Snorkel at Penguin Island
39. Spot the Maremmas protecting the penguins on Penguin Island
40. Try your luck meeting Sammy the Seal at the Breakwater
41. Take the Thunder Point Coastal Walk
42. Take your dog swimming at the Blue Hole
43. Enjoy good food, wine and music at the beachside Friday night markets
44. Cardboard slide the sand dunes at Levys’ Beach
45. Visit Fletcher Jones Gardens and Mill Markets
46. Visit the Artery Art Gallery
47. Play ‘find the gravesite’ at the historic Tower Hill Cemetery
48. Visit George Taylors Vintage Motorcycle Collection
49. Ride the Flying Fox at Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground
50. Visit Hopkins Falls

The Ultimate Guide for planning to build your new home


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