Building Permits and Approvals

Building Permits & Approvals

All building work is subject to the issuing of a building permit. (Unless the works are exempt which may be the case if your undertaking a minor alteration, demolition work, repairs or maintenance work).
Building permits relate specifically to the carrying out of your building construction and deal mainly with the legal and safety requirements within the building code and ensures that all homes are built to a quality standard. Building permits are so valuable in that they make builders accountable for building the house in accordance with what has been approved and the very reason why we don’t see half built shanty houses scattered around the town!

Do I need a planning permit?

That depends on your circumstances. Not all projects need a planning permit. The best way to find out whether you need a planning permit and what is required is to contact Council’s Planning Support team on telephone 5559 4800.

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and check out https://www.warrnambool.vic.gov.au/buying-building-or-selling

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