Benefits of double-glazing your windows

Thermosmart Windows is an Allansford based business making, or rather stopping, lots of noise around Warrnambool. With quality long lasting products that are not only functional but also a stylish addition to any home. Thermosmart Windows are your double glazed window experts.

Colin Mills is the man to see at Thermosmart and Nat sat down with him to learn more about double glazed windows.

You just heard how double glazing can make your home more energy efficient, but here’s some other benefits of installing Thermosmart windows in your home.

1 – They are custom made
Thermosmart manufacture down just down the road from the office in Allansford. All windows are custom made to fit existing areas in any size or shape around your home making them perfect for renovations and new homes alike.

2- Amazing noise reduction created by the double sealing system.
If you have a large noisy family (or your neighbours do), live close to a busy road or simply want to reduce noise in your home then double glazing is for you! But rather then write about it we thought we would show you.

3 – Minimal Maintenance
Due to the PVC component of the window frames, Thermosmart windows have been able to bring to you a product that is virtually maintenance free. All you will need to do is wipe your windows clean and even that’s made easy for you by the unique hinge system – check out the demonstration in the next video.

Thermosmart Window don’t require sanding, painting, nor will they rot, warp or flake. They are resistant to air pollution and salt air attack and amazingly, they are also bushfire rated.

Ok, so now that your excited about the benefits of Thermosmart Windows, give Colin a call to arrange a chat about this fantastic product.

Also, be sure to check out the Thermosmart promotional trailer. We were amazed to find out that the windows are over 13 years old. They look as good as new and have not once needed to be painted!

It’s fair to say we think you’ll fall in love with this product. Head on over to Colin’s page by clicking here.

Or Contact Colin on
P – (03) 5565 1890
E – [email protected]

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