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Welcome to Build In Warrnambool

Hi I’m Natalie Stevens, founder of Build In Warrnambool.

At Build In Warrnambool we specialise in showing regional families how they can live their best lifestyle by choosing to build their next home.

Build In Warrnambool brings together a team of passionate professionals who hold shared values and who believe in our vision to help regional Australian families live their best lifestyle by choosing to build their next home.  Our team is made up of Land Owners, Builders, Designers, Home Lenders & Conveyancers.   In coming together to deliver the ‘5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle’, we make the home building journey simple and straight forward saving you loads of time, money and stress.

There’s a lot of misconceptions and fear when it comes to the process of building a new home.  We are passionate about debunking the myths, revealing the facts and sharing how straight forward the process can be.

The truth is, the journey towards your best lifestyle is simple when you follow a process.  Do you know that the majority of families who abandon the dream of building their home pull out simply because they started in the wrong place?  They missed the first vital step and as a result they were left feeling confused and deflated.  To help avoid this common mistake, we’ve unpackaged and demystified the whole process and using our own home building successes, created a simple and straight forward guide called ‘The 5 Step Journey to your Best Lifestyle’.  It’s 100% user friendly.  You’ll love it.  You can check it out here.

You can always build something for less than what it cost you to buy it. Choosing to build has given my family our best lifestyle. We feel proud knowing we’ve made every cent count.  We feel clever knowing we haven’t pay tens of thousands of dollars in agent commissions and Stamp Duty fees.  But most of all, we feel blessed that by building we were able to spend our money on the areas of our home that have brought us the most happiness.

This is your golden opportunity to have more lifestyle for less within an industry that has been shrouded in mystery and misconception for years.

Well, not anymore.

Families of Regional Australia; Let the journey towards your best lifestyle begin…

-Natalie Stevens

“There are approximately 9,000,000 dwellings in Australia.
Each of them has been built by somebody.
Let the next somebody be you.”

– Natalie Stevens – Build In Warrnambool

Build In Warrnambool

Build In Warrnambool

Our Mission

To help families live their very best lifestyle.

Our Purpose

To show Regional Australian families how they can live their best lifestyle by choosing to build their next home. Our Vision For every regional Australian family to be empowered to make an informed decision when deciding between building and buying their next home. 
build in warrnambool

Building Partnerships

If you are passionate about providing an outstanding product or service to your customers, then we invite you to enquire about joining Build In Warrnambool. For more information CONTACT US today. “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” - Steve Jobs

Our places to call home

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    Wollaston Way Estate Warrnambool


    from $105,000 (650m2 - 1180m2)

    House & Land

    from $289,891

    Warrnambool's North of the Merri master planned community. Live life your way at Wollaston Way!

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    Northern Edge Estate Warrnambool


    from $147,000 (650m2 - 1180m2)

    House & Land

    from $318,427

    Build your home in a great location that offers the perfect balance between country living and city convenience.

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    Hopkins Ridge Estate Warrnambool


    from $189,000 (999m2 - 3000m2)

    House & Land

    from $506,600

    Enjoy magnificant ocean, river and rural views at Hopkins Ridge Estate. The place you'll be proud to call home.

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    Grange Estate Warrnambool


    from $180,000 (817m2 - 2065m2)

    House & Land

    from enquire today

    River Frontage Blocks For Sale along the picturesque Merri River. Only 3 blocks left.