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By signing up to use any of our services, our recommended partners services or by accepting an introduction to any of our recommended partners on buildinoz.com.au, you agree to accept our disclosure, disclaimer and privacy statement.


Throughout buildinoz.com.au and it's associated content, we share our own personal experiences and make recommendations based on our personal knowledge.  That means that at times we share experiences and make recommendations about people or businesses we've worked in the past or who we choose to work with today, or who's product or service we trust.  We are not a marketplace.  Any recommendation we make is an authentic one. Authenticity and integrity are two values we hold dear here at Build In Oz so we will never share any thoughts, experiences or information with you that we don't believe to be authentic.  In many cases, you'll have your connections of people and businesses who you like to work with and we encourage you to continue working with those people and businesses who you may have come to know and trust.  But for those of you who don't, it can be really helpful (not to mention time saving) to have a genuine recommendation.  It's called relationship marketing and it's our preferred marketing method as it's just like making a recommendation for a friend.  You know the type,  the kind of recommendation you give because you already know, trust and like someone. Build In Oz has built a community and we consider our partners to be part of the Build In Oz family.  Being genuine reigns supreme for Build In Oz, and with that in mind, sharing the love when it comes to sharing the work of a great business is a beautiful thing.  Accepting referral fees is how we are able to continue to provide valuable and meaningful information to you 100% free of charge.  If you do ultimately choose to work with someone who you've been introduced to via Build In Oz, we're happy that they've been able to help you on your home building journey.  Whilst we are unable to influence or control your experience with them, we value the privilege to be able to share the benefits of working with someone who we have come to know and trust.  They'll thank Build In Oz by way of a thank you fee (otherwise known as a referral fee) for sharing our thoughts and experiences about working with them.  Build In Oz also accept referral fees for introductions they effect.  Our valued partners consider that an authentic recommendation from a trusted and genuine source is more valuable that traditional advertising methods.  In all instances our personal relationship or experiences with any person or business we recommend on Build In Oz is just that; our personal relationships or experience.  We love to share but please appreciate that your experience could be different to ours and Build In Oz, it's founder, director or associates do not take any responsibility for your experiences, relationships or outcomes both personally or financially, that you may have as a result of engaging with Build In Oz or any of our recommended partners.  By accepting an introduction or being provided with a proposal or report from Build In Oz makes you in no way obligated to engage or correspond with the recommended service or service provider.


Building a home is a huge and exciting milestone in your life and one that is going to affect you in many ways for years to come. The plethora of information available can be overwhelming and I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of seeking independent professional financial advice before committing to any type of construction loan or home loan or contract.  Everything on Build In Oz is shared with authenticity and integrity with information based on real life experiences, education, research and contributions however, Build In Oz, its founder, directors, employees, partners, affiliates or associates do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied by Build In Oz.  Whilst the information provided is based on research, experience and opinions, it does not constitute professional advice.  Whilst attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, Build In Oz, its founder, directors, employees, partners, affiliates and associates do not guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied or opinions expressed herein.  Any information and opinions herein should not be substituted for professional advice in any regard.  When Build In Oz supply you with a land locator report the results are based on listings presented by Property Data Solutions Pty Ltd and are for informational purposes only and you should conduct your own research independent of the report to feel satisfied that you have exhausted all available resources that display land listings in your area. Build In Oz takes no responsibly implied or otherwise that all available land is listed in the report that is compiled based on the information supplied by Property Data Solutions Pty Ltd.  Anyone borrowing, building, purchasing property or entering into a contract of any kind should seek personal professional advice before doing so.


When you sign up to be introduced to, connected to or referred to one of our recommended partners, the recommended partner who we are introducing you to receives the information you submitting in the form you used to make the connection.  When you request concept proposals from builders, the partnering builders who we believe are the most suited to supply a proposal to you receive the information you submitted in your Builders Brief Template. They then contact you directly with a concept proposal that has been created based on the information supplied within your builders brief template.  When you use the land locator tool and request we submit a report of our findings, we may share your details with the land agent only to the estates where we believe would be a suitable option for you.  They may then contact you directly to share their block/blocks that match your land locator submission.  When you request to be introduced to our recommended conveyancers via the online form, we share the contact details you submitted in the form with our recommended conveyancer who then contacts you directly.  When you request to be introduced to a building designer to help you get started on creating your custom designed floor plans, we send your details and your builders brief (if provided) to our partnering building designers who will contact you directly to get started.  Build In Oz collects your personal information to be able to provide you with information that may be of interest to you.  Build In Oz may collect your information via physical or online sign up forms, online optin forms, special offers, social media, email services, in person, via our websites, on paper or via electronic format and via our customer relations management processes within any offered courses.  Information we collect about you may include but is not limited to your name, email address, physical address, date of birth, phone number.  Other information that we may collect from you during your membership period is for the purpose of guiding you in your home building journey.  That information may include things related to budget, your priorities, choosing land, getting floorplans and choosing builders.  Your information may be used for market research purposes and may include information relating to your interest, experiences and preferences.  Build In Oz uses your information for the purpose in which it was collected being to help you plan to build your new home, securely and in the most efficient time frame with the most successful outcome.  There may be times where to achieve that we share your information with our partnering businesses if we believe that they can assist you to achieve this objective.  By signing up to receive any information, form, brochure, subscription, product or service on Build In Oz you agree for us to share your information with the people and businesses who we recommend for the purpose of them sharing with you their best products, best offers and best service in relation to your interests.  Build In Oz may from time to time anonymously share your interaction and preferences derived via our customer relationship management software.  Build In Oz may need to share your information to third parties engaged by Build in Oz to provide services in IT management, database storage and security, credit card processing facilities and market research consultants. By submitting your personal information, you agree to us using it in the manner and for the purposes described above.  When you provide us with your personal information you agree to receive direct marketing and nurturing communication from Build In Oz related to products and services offered by Build In Oz and partnering businesses who you are introduced to as you take the 5 Step Journey or via the website content.  You can opt out or unsubscribe from these communications at any time. To help us continually improve our customer experience, buildinoz.com.au uses technologies such as cookies and tags to better understand the way customers interact with our website.  We use this information to improve our systems and processes for the benefit of our visitors for the purpose of offering the best user experience.  If you could like to learn more about our privacy policy, please contact us directly.