First Home Owners in Warrnambool – Escape the Rent Trap today!

Building is a great option for first home owners.


1. First Home Owners Grant.

The first home owners grant is only available to people buying a brand new house or building a new house.  First Home Owner Grants are not available to those buying an established home.  Learn all about First Home Owner Grants in Victoria here.

2. You will save money by building.

If you are thinking of buying a brand new home to get the First Home Owners Grant remember this:  No one builds a new house and puts it on the market to break even or to lose money.  They do it to make money!  Building is like buying wholesale in that often your finished home will be worth more than what it cost you to build it.  Don’t make money for someone else, make it for yourself!  What you save by building could furnish your whole house!  Click here to learn more about how building is like buying wholesale.

3. Huge Stamp Duty Savings!

First Home Owners pay less Stamp Duty.  Stamp Duty is the term used for Land Transfer Tax- A tax that is charged just for transferring the ownership into your name.  It is calculated on the total value of what you are buying.  So, when you buy an established home you pay Stamp Duty that’s calculated as a percentage of the full amount, say $300,000.  But when you build a house, you are actually only buying the land (because you’re the original owner of the house you build there’s nothing to transfer).   So the Stamp Duty is calculated only on the cost of the land, say $150,000.  Pretty cool huh?  The money you can save in Stamp Duty alone can be one of the single biggest savings you’ll make just by choosing to build!  To learn more about Stamp Duty and how it can save you $$$ visit our Blog : Stamp Duty – The Single Biggest Saving You’ll Make

So now you know why building is the smart choice for First Home Owners.  If you’d like to learn more about all the advantages of building (there’s loads) visit The Advantages of Building.

Like the idea of building but don’t know where to start?  We can help you get started on your home building journey.  Get in touch with Natalie Stevens (that’s me!) your local Home Building Advisor or call me direct on 0407 889 458 – Happy to chat all things home building anytime!

So, you’ve decided to build?  Great Choice!  Read our Top 10 Tips for Home Building here.

Like to know what kind of bang you’ll get for your buck?  Explore House and Land Packages in Warrnambool’s most popular estates.

– Nat Stevens. Build In Warrnambool. 0407 889 458

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