Home Build In a Box

Home Build in a Box – Our 5 Step Journey towards building your best lifestyle.

We are very excited to share our very own fun and simple 5 step journey to building your best lifestyle that’s guaranteed to save you loads of time, money and stress!  Based on our own home building successes, our process cuts through the fog and transforms the big hard decisions into simple straight forward decisions.

Did you know that hundreds of families abandon their home building dream every year simply because they start in the wrong place?  With Home Build in a Box, you’ll know exactly where to start, where to turn and what to avoid along the way.  Monkey from Coast FM has described it as ‘like having your very own home building ‘chauffeur’.

Whether you are using a custom builder, volume builder or whether your budget is small or big, this full and remarkable solution will have you up and building the perfect lifestyle for your family in just 5 straight forward steps.

Due for release in January 2017.  You can register to be one of the first people to receive this first of its kind resource by emailing us here.

Click here to register for Home Build In a Box

Or if you’r like to chat about Home Build in a Box and how it can help you to live your best lifestyle sooner rather than later call Natalie Stevens on 0407889458.

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