How Solar Power Works!

Solar power is an amazing source of renewable energy, it’s free, in abundance and because of advancements in technology is now very easy and affordable to capture in its raw DC form (Direct Current) and convert into the useable Alternating Current form.

To start the suns rays are captured via the Photovoltaic Cells or as most of us call them the Solar Panels that are mounted to your roof in a northern direction. Once the sun light hits the panels and is absorbed in the DC format it is then sent to an inverter either wired in your garage, to your meter or as Stephen from Local Electrical and Solar Services explained with his systems they have individual inverters mounted to the panels.

After the DC power hits the inverter it is then turned into Alternating Current. This form of power is what we use in our homes daily, it is the same form of power that you would receive from the power companies.

Once you produce your AC electricity the inverter and your homes smart meter will supply you with the amount you need to run your home at that given moment and any surplus power will then be fed back into the grid. When your home is feeding electricity back into the gird this is called “Feed-in Tariff” – this simply means the energy company you are with is paying you money for the surplus energy you have produced.

Depending on the time of year, time of day and of course weather conditions your production will differ. You may be able to produce surplus energy at times, other days you may need to draw energy from the grid to meet your homes needs for that time or the system may cover your costs completely.

There are times that the sun isn’t out that you may think, is my system working or with the style of weather we see here in Warrnambool you may say – Is this really worth it? Stephen Conveny in his video explains how cooler weather can actually be a blessing for your panels. He informs us that solar panels have a maximum operating temperature and once they exceed that the panel will become less effective in absorbing the sunlight.

While it may seam a bit complex Solar Power is simply a fantastic way to reduce your environmental foot print and most importantly reduce the cost on your hip pocket – which allows you to spend that extra money on things you want instead of paying the dreaded power bill.

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