How to “Future-Proof” you’re new home

Last week we chatted with Chris Dowling from Viscomm, a local communications specialist here in Warrnambool about what it means to “future-proof” your new home.

Today technology seams to have migrated into all the rooms of our homes and into the functioning of our everyday lives. It makes running a house and keeping up with kids, work and extended family a lot easier but it does mean when we decide to build our new home that we need to take our digital network into consideration.

We used to know that you could only connect to the net from one room and one computer however now we expect to be connected wherever we are in our homes. Below is a short video of what Chris recommends we do to “future-proof” our new homes during the build.

What if we are already in our homes but we barely get signal throughout our whole house or its just far too slow?

Well fear not as Chris had this answer to this question too! He recommends calling your Internet provider and checking if you are running the fastest speed and if you are and the slowness isn’t because you’re constantly going over your limit he recommends getting a better modem.

This bit got us a little confused since it was the LAST thing we would have ever thought about however he went on to explain that the Internet companies will provide you with a mass produced modem which isn’t always the best quality and sometimes may not be able to handle the full speed your being provided. He recommends going and getting yourself a good quality modem, which fits in with your budget. If all this seams too technical already Chris can help with this and will be able to recommend and hook up a modem that would best suit your needs.

We know that even after an hour of chatting with him he is a wealth of knowledge and a very genuine guy. So if you’re thinking about building a new home and want to organise your communications, security, home theater and audio needs give Chris a call to discuss your options.

If you want to learn more about “Future-Proofing” you’re new home
call Chris from Viscomm 0400 555 262
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