How to have the ultimate investment property in Warrnambool

dream home vs now home

Functionality, liveability and affordability are the three pillars to investment property success.

Get that combination right and you'll have renters lining up to pay a premium rental price for your property.

You can choose to build an investment property that caters for any target market you choose including Singles, Couples, Retirees, Families, Upgraders, Downsizers or any others you can think of. Knowing what market you're targeting can help you decide the best type of investment property to build.

If you want to build and own a successful investment property you need to build a house that caters for the majority market.

The majority rental market in Warrnambool want a simple nice place to call home that ticks the boxes for the basic requirements suited to their needs. The majority of the market don’t demand fancy fixtures and fittings, expensive tiles or an extravagant butler’s pantry. Whilst there may be a market of people desiring such luxuries, they don’t make up the majority.

Doing some research and knowing what’s in demand is a smart idea when defining the type of investment property you want to build.

Building a house catering to the tastes of an ‘imaginary friend within the majority market, rather than according to your own personal tastes requires discipline.

Investors are more likely to stick within their budget than someone who is building a home to live in themselves.

​​But investor builders are also well known for producing poor quality housing in terms of liveability and functionality. Often, little thought is given to the functionality and liveability required to achieve the best result.

You want to make sure that you’ve got the type of property that tenants will line up for.

​​You’ll want to have built the type of property that will fetch premium rent with equally premium tenants.

Creating the ultimate investment property isn’t always straight forward. It requires a special mix of experience, skill, research and attention to detail.

​​If you have that mix then you’re well on your way to success.

If you feel unsure about taking on the process alone then please get in touch to discuss how we can help you build the ultimate brand new investment property in Warrnambool get in touch here to request further information.



Note: Always seek financial and legal advice before engaging in property purchases of any kind.

Natalie Stevens is the Founder of Build In Oz and second generation property developer at Land In Warrnambool.  As an educator Natalie helps families build their perfect home for the best price via her Build Your Home Masterclass Series.  Natalie is also the author of the best-selling book Building Home – The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle and Co-Author of the international best seller Better Business Better Life Better World – The Movement.  You can learn more about Natalie Stevens here.