One way to live your best lifestyle

One way to live your best lifestyle

At Build In Warrnambool we specialise in showing regional Australian families how they can live their best lifestyle by choosing to build rather than buy their next home.

There is great power between liveability and lifestyle.  Function plays a big role in our life.  If you have a family, you’ll know how the functionality of a space determines liveability and how liveability affects lifestyle.  We are all happiest in a space that allows us to grow.

Value is also important to us.  When the same products are delivered more cost effectively we get more value.  Building a new home brings us great value as it gives us the power to direct our budget on the areas that deliver us the most happiness.

But liveability and value on their own aren’t enough either.  Whilst important, it’s having pride in the space we live that contributes to our happiness.  Choosing to build unlocks your potential to live the very best lifestyle your budget can afford.  If you have a large budget, then your options might be plenty.  But equally, for those on a tight budget, building opens up a wealth of possibilities to achieve great outcomes via modern building materials and processes.  Now days, it’s easy to create exciting spaces on a budget.

Adding to the value is that building makes it possible to have instant equity at the completion of your home, save you thousands in Government Stamp Duty (that you’ll pay when you purchase an existing home) and if you’re a first home owner, make you eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (only available to those building or new built homes).  You can learn more about the financial advantages of building by reading ‘The 4 Noble Truths About Building That Will Save You Thousands’.

It’s not as widely known as it should be that you can utilise modern building systems and processes to create liveability for a price that delivers value.  You just need to know exactly where to start, when and where to turn and how to end.  This is what led us to create ‘5 Steps to your best Lifestyle’.  It simply steps you through the journey until you reach the moment where your builder takes the reins and drives the journey on home.  But there’s a few things that need to be done before you choose a builder.  And, often it’s due to the confusion of what exactly these few things are that lead people put building in the ‘too hard basket’ and settle for an existing home thats good for them, but maybe not perfect for them.  Our ‘5 Steps to your Best Lifestyle’ makes those preliminary tasks simple and straight forward.

As regional Australians we hold a gift not afforded to our city counter parts; the gift of the power to create our own perfect lifestyle.  We have the opportunity to shape our lives according to our wants, needs and desires.  What’s more, because property prices remain stable in regional areas,  we hold the key to living our lives not by chance, but with intent.

Building a new home is just one amongst many of the journeys you’ll travel in life… Let the journey begin.

Natalie Stevens, Build In Warrnambool, [email protected], 0407889458

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