Warrnambool Building Loans

Our team of advisors work with the best of the banks to find you the ultimate construction loan solution.


save thousands

Half your interest costs in the first 6-12 months by using a 'hand picked perfect' construction loan


We'll structure your loan for building allowing you to reap the rewards without the confusion


Our brokers 'get' building and know how to maximise the benefits of using a construction loan

your BUILDING loan

But the journey doesn't end there.  We'll continue to work alongside you and take away all the stress and confusion that comes with organising the right loan for your personal circumstances.


why haven't i heard about a construction loan before?


"Construction loans are awesome for those of us who are building, but they do require a lot more work and effort from the banks.  It literally triples their paper work, which could be why you don't see their special offers flashed up in the bright lights.  The only winner when you take out a construction loan is you"

-Nat Stevens, Founder of Build In Oz

how you'll save straight up

Finding the right construction loan enables you to make significant savings while your home is being built.  For example, if you had a $265,000 building loan with a 4.5% interest rate, you could save $6,446 in interest over an 8 month period just by using the right construction loan.  The bigger your building budget, the bigger the savings.

It's not a question of whether you should use a construction loan for finance to build, but who is going to be the best person to find you the best deal for your circumstances.

Ready to chat with our
building loan ADVISOR?

Why do i need a construction loan?


Borrowing money to build is not the same as borrowing money to buy.  Working with someone who understands the building process will enable you to make the kind of savings that will help you afford the things you thought you'd need to go without.

To learn more about the benefits of using a construction loan click here.

OUR specialist

Our partnering team of building loan advisors are headed up by the one and only award winning finance broker Bushy Martin.

Bushy's passion for helping you achieve the best outcome financial solution is unsurpassed.  He's not your average financial advisor.  He's also:

  • A top 10 Australian property Investment Advisor
  • The Author of 'The Freedom Formula'
  • An Inspirational Speaker
  • The founder and host of the 'Get Invested' Podcast.

Bushy and his team work with the best of the banks to deliver you the ultimate home loan solution.  And, if you're building, that will include organising your construction loan, better known as a building loan.