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full and remarkable Home Building Strategy Session

If fear of making the wrong decision is stopping you from making any decision at all then it's time to book a free 20 minute strategy session. Or, if you want to build a home knowing you've avoided any of the biggest and most costly mistakes made,  then a 20 minute strategy session is a must for you.


In just 20 minutes you'll gain valuable insights about what's currently holding you back...these might include:

  • Getting application for pre-approval and/or refinancing for a construction loan organised.
  • Struggling to set clear and achievable priorities and understand where exactly your money is being spent and why.
  • Avoiding the most common costly mistakes made when buying land.
  • Understanding different types of builders and finding the right builder that suits your job and why.
  • And much more

expert advice

2 x Best Selling Author,
Founder of Build In Oz and
The Building Home Masterclass

authentic advice

If Nat was spending a day helping her best friend plan to build, this is what she'd tell them and what she'd want them to know.

you focussed

A one on one strategy session with Nat targets your unique circumstances, hopes and dreams.  No cookie cutting allowed!

Nat stevens

Helping you have a happy and successful home building experience is what Natalie considers to be her 'passion project' work.

"It lights me up to see a family have a happy, safe and successful home building experience.  Working one on one with someone to achieve that is a sincere joy for me"

The journey for Nat so far:

  • Best Selling Author of Building Home
  • Best Selling Co-Author of Better Business, Better Life, Better World
  • Founder of Build In Oz
  • Creator of the Building Home Masterclass

Being in Warrnambool gives you a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from locals who can help you achieve the ultimate outcome.




"Salespeople will tell you what they want you to know.  I'll tell you what you need to know.  My process gives you the best chance of having a successful home building experience"

- Nat Stevens , Author of Building Home - The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle


An ongoing relationship

Your relationship lasts well beyond your strategy session.  When Nat works with you, she considers herself part of your team and will be on call throughout your entire home build to answer any questions you may have.  She'll also offer to advocate on your behalf if ever that's something you feel you need.

"Every day spent procrastinating is another day in your current circumstances" 

How long have you been procrastinating on this for, and what's been the cost of that procrastination?

Happiness,  relationships,  time,  stress,  money?

If the fear of making the wrong decision is stopping you from making any decision at all, then it's time to book a free 20 minute strategy session.

Or, if you want to build a home without the fear making any of the big and costly mistakes,  then a two hour strategy session is for you.

20 minutes can changeeverything


"Your passion and knowledge is palpable.  I only wish we'd met 8 years ago when we first built!"


"Natalie is very approachable & friendly.  Her information is straight to the point with a genuine caring approach to her clients"


"Natalie has so much love and light that she gives the world and now she is sharing her wisdom too!"


"Natalie is very relaxed and down to earth with her advice which makes it so much easier to understand.  You can feel her passion to help those who want to build"


"Fantastic! I was interested the whole time as all the info was very useful. This made my decision to build rather than buy an established home"


"It was amazing to have the opportunity to learn about building from an everyday mum"


"This gave me the confidence to know I'll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way"


"Natalie was fantastic at explaining the building/land purchase experience in a language that everyday people can understand"


"A great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building.  This clears up so many myths and misconceptions"


"I'm excited to share that BUILDING HOME has hit #1 in three categories in Australia!"

The Grammar Factory

"Hi Nat, another update for you - you've hit #1 in the US as well! So now you're a #1 International Bestselling Author!"

The Grammar Factory

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