Land Buyers Advocate

If you have unanswered questions about the process of buying land in Warrnambool, then it's time to book a free 15 minute Safe Guard Session with Sam Stevens, our land buyers advocate.


You'll only regret what you didn't know to look out for.  Make sure you've asked all the right questions so to make an informed decision.


Is the asking price fair and reasonable?  Does the block impose limitations that you could leverage during negotiation?


Does the selling agent for the land know the full story, and if so are they passing that onto you? Stay safe with independent advice.

Buying the wrong block of land is the most costly mistake you can make when building.  That's why we give you the information you need to avoid the biggest and most costly mistakes.


"Finding a block of land you like is the easy part.  Getting to know that block of land intimately, that's the real challenge and where we can be of the most help"

-Sam Stevens, Land In Warrnambool

What's the difference between a real estate agent and a land buying advocate?

Building a home and buying a home are two completely different processes.  Few agents who sell existing homes are fully aware of the home building process and what you need to look out for along the way.  Unlike buying a home, when building, all the big and most costly mistakes are made during the planning phase.  What's more, sometimes the mistakes don't present themselves until down the track when it's too late.  Your agent isn't obligated (and in fairness probably doesn't realise) to disclose what's included in the structure development plan.  It's up to you to know what questions to ask and you need to know that the person you're asking has the specialist knowledge to be able to give you the true and correct answers.

WHAT a safe guard session will help you AVOID


Building in the wrong area for you

Experiencing nasty surprises in the future you didn’t know were part of the future development of the area

Blowing your budget on excessive site costs

Discovering things about your block you didn’t know before you purchased that will cause costly problems for you once your builder starts

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about sam

Sam started working at the coal face of construction in 2003 as a supervisor for  Warrnambool's largest civil contractor.  Since then he's come to facilitate for developers the entire property development timeline from taking greenfield sites through the complete development supply chain process to completed residential housing developments.

With an intimate knowledge of  earthworks, planning and development, Sam has gained the 'secret' knowledge to help you avoid any costly mistakes when it comes to purchasing a block of land in Warrnambool.