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Achieve Your Desired House Interior Style With Ease

Just signed the contract on a new house? Or perhaps it’s time to rethink the colour scheme in your existing home? Choosing colours and textures for the carpets, blinds, curtains and tiles in your Warrnambool home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with so many themes and combinations available.

Check out our tips on how you can use Tiles and Blinds to achieve your desired style.

Colour schemes and how they can be achieved

By simply choosing different coloured window furnishings and flooring you can change the entire look and feel of your home. It can be the make or break moment in your new build, so it’s vital you get it right!  Here’s how:


Monochrome is right on point when wanting a modern interior for your new home. Dark grey or black tiles with white cabinets and shutters are a popular choice. This offers the homeowners the flexibility to enhance their home’s features using coloured accessories.


IDEA:Give your bathroom or kitchen a pop of colour with a focal painting, mirrored or feature splashback or simply brightly coloured towels.

National Tiles Solomon Flooring Warrnambool


Neutral colour tones are used to create a classic look. ‘Classic’ doesn’t have to mean ‘old fashioned’, of course. Instead, think of a combination of the old and the new coming together to produce a modern day classic design.

Beige, pearl, whites and creams are classic tones because they offer a warm atmosphere while still allowing the addition of statement colours for effect. Polished porcelain tiles give the home a contemporary style that can create a welcoming family home, especially combined with the right colour walls and roller blinds or curtains.

IDEA: Navy blue is a common classic colour accent that works well in maintaining a calm atmosphere in the home.

National Tiles and Solomons Flooring Warrnambool


Variations of greys are commonly used to create a chic home. This style is becoming more popular in Warrnambool as residents begin to take advantage of the beautiful beachy lifestyle and stunning landscapes.

Flooring is typically tiles or wooden floors that use a combination of grey tones to produce a relaxed and chilled composition. Chic design offers the freedom of using smart but casual options to create a room with both personality and style.

Use tiles in the bathroom that offer something a little different, but not so different that they visually dominate the space. Play with texture rather than colour.  To set off that beachy Hamptons appearance, use white shutters instead of curtains.

TIP: Natural light makes your home appear more open and welcoming.

National Tiles and Solomons Flooring Warrnambool

A home that reflects your personality and style

You have the opportunity to decorate your home in a way that reflects you and your family. Regardless of whether you have built your dream home straight off the plan, have had it master built or are renovating your existing home, getting your styling right will be the difference between you liking your new home and loving it.

Before making the tough decisions on colours and styles of flooring and blinds talk to the professionals at National Tiles Warrnambool and Solomons Flooring and Blinds Warrnambool. The experts are available to help make your choices easier by offering advice and recommendations based on your preferences.

National Tiles and Solomons Flooring Warrnambool

As a result of these nationwide franchises being locally owned by the same family and conveniently located together, you can choose your curtains, carpets, tiles and blinds at a one stop shop with outstanding products, service and advice.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your design options!:


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National Tiles Warrnambool  at  [email protected] or call (03) 5562 7711


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Get to know your local team- Terry Beks, Dee Teran and Faye Guiney at National Tiles and Solomons Flooring in Warrnambool.

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