The TOP 6 reasons to build a new home in Warrnambool

Are you having trouble deciding between building and buying a new home?

Here's six of the best reasons to build a new home in Warrnambool.


Imagine your lifestyle if you were occupying a home which was built to suit your family perfectly.  Life’s busy and many of us can’t spend every weekend maintaining an older home. If you crave low maintenance living that doesn’t compromise on style and comfort, then living in a new estate close to all of life’s essentials will give you a more simplified lifestyle where you can spend less time working around the home and more time enjoying your home and the people in it.


Let’s face it, there’s always at least a few flaws with any home. We have learned to live with flaws, but when you build a home you create a home that’s perfect for you and your family.  No home is perfect unless you build it. To find a home which ticks every box isn’t easy, but to build a home in accordance to a tick list certainly is! The freedom to make your home truly your own is one of the best reasons to build a house.


You’ve heard the saying ‘Rent is dead money’. When you pay rent, your payments go towards paying off ‘someone else’s’ asset, making them wealthy and keeping you poor! When you have a mortgage your payments go towards paying off ‘your’ asset helping you to build wealth.
Not only are mortgages one of the biggest financial commitments, they’re usually the longest. If you’re going to pay for something for years to come, then why not pay for something that invests in your quality of life and secures your financial future in your later years, not to mention having something to leave your children?
With current interest rates so low, first-home-owner grants and developers rebates, if you can afford to pay rent then you may be able to afford a mortgage. What if getting a home loan wasn’t as out of reach as you might think or what if you did own your own home and you were sitting on loads of equity you didn’t know you could use for lifestyle or investment purposes?  Financiers can work with you to establish a realistic budget for you to plan from accordingly.


Mortgage repayments build your very own financial future and can be your ticket to financial freedom in your retirement.
Home owners will build the golden gift of ’Equity’. Equity is defined by the monetary value of the difference between what you paid for your house and the value it is worth today. So lets say you buy a block of land today and build a house and it costs you $350,000.  The house upon completion may be valued at $380,000 (despite what it cost you to build), giving you instant equity of $30,000! Over the life of your mortgage, property prices increase and the value of your property grows yet the value of your mortgage stays the same meaning you build more and more equity with every year!  Having equity that can be tapped into if necessary is a big plus for homeowners. Having equity in your home is not only important to help pay emergency expenses, but simply having the equity available to you makes it much easier to get a loan for almost anything else. If you have, say, $60,000 in home equity, a bank will feel much better loaning you $25,000 to buy a car than if you were renting.



Home ownership can also allow you to invest in property down the track by using the equity built up in your home over the years. This option may possibly lead you into a better financial position in your retirement. To learn more about investing in property get in touch with one of our financiers who can guide you in the right direction.
What can equity do for me you ask? Equity is your Willy Wonka, your golden ticket, your key to financial growth. How? You can use equity to borrow against! So remember the $30,000 equity you have sitting in that new house you’ve just built? Part of it may now be up for grabs if you need it!


There’s bit of a misconception regarding the pricing involved in designing, planning and building a house. Price is always relative and like anything, you get what you pay for. You’ll be surprised just how affordable building can be and how it can save you money in the long run. You may know of families who build a new house every 5-10 years.  They are using the equity built up over those years to upgrade and build wealth. As their home grows in value, so does their financial security. Building a house is like buying a house at a wholesale price. You can then sell it for more than it cost you to build ie. Retail.

Natalie Stevens is the Founder of Build In Oz and second generation property developer at Land In Warrnambool.  As an educator Natalie helps families build their perfect home for the best price via her Build Your Home Masterclass Series.  Natalie is also the author of the best-selling book Building Home – The 5 Step Journey to Building your Best Lifestyle and Co-Author of the international best seller Better Business Better Life Better World – The Movement.  You can learn more about Natalie Stevens here.