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What does your perfect builder look like?

Time and time again we see people become frustrated and disheartened by the process of choosing the right builder.  Staying undecided can cost you valuable months and in some cases even years!

There's lots of awesome local custom Warrnambool builders out there so why are they so hard to find?

There's three main reasons you'll struggle to find the right builder.

1. wrong type

You're approaching the wrong type of builder for the style of home you want to build.  It's time to learn the differences between builders.

2. not right info

You haven't supplied them with the right info they need so you get put aside for a little while, or a long while.  It's time to know what info gets them calling you back.

3. too busy

If you want the builder that' s the flavour of the month, they'll struggle to fit your job in.  It's time for you to meet the builders who are awesome at building, but maybe not so great at marketing.

A note about Custom Builders.

Like all creative people, custom builders take enormous personal pride in building your new home for you.

But it can be tough getting quotes off builders and here's why:

The reality is that many of us spend quite some time tyre-kicking until we ultimately decide we are going to bite the bullet and start building.

Custom builders don't have the luxury of having a sales person sitting in a nice warm showroom waiting to greet new potential customers day in day out.

For a custom builder to take the time to meet new clients, it's helpful if he knows it's going to be the right type of build for his style of work.

But here's the problem. If you don't really know what type of custom builder you need, how do you know who to look for? 

That's where we can help.   


Builder Connect Service

Build In Warrnambool offer a free builder connect service where we connect the you to the right builder who is in turn happy to be connected to the right job.

Want to know which custom builders we know and trust to partner with you to ensure you have a happy and successful home building experience?

 Schedule a free 15 minute chat today and let's talk builders.


What is a custom built home?

A custom built home simply means that it's been custom built to suit your particular needs. 

Having a custom built home in Warrnambool means being able to tweak and amend a floorplan you love or have one designed from scratch that suits your family perfectly.

Building a custom built home means that the builder you talk to in the very beginning will be the one you work with throughout the entire process of building your new home.

You'll have the opportunity to change things up a little along the way and you'll feel proud for having custom built the home of your dreams.

we're here to help you find your

perfect builder

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